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Writing for the Web

Web writing course The aim of our Writing for the Web course is to give your staff the skills to create website and intranet content that is clear and engaging.

The course begins by encouraging participants to consider what makes good web writing and involves them in developing criteria for effective content. It then provides detailed guidelines for meeting those criteria, covering issues such as structuring content and writing in a focused, reader-friendly style.

The essential skills for optimising content for search engines are also covered. These can help to improve your site’s rankings, but also tend to improve the user experience.

The course manual covers all the topics in detail and includes quick-reference sections and helpful checklists. Your staff will also benefit from a year of support from the tutor, giving them access to additional help and advice on all aspect of writing for the web.


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Learning objectives

By the end of this course your staff will be able to:

  • identify what makes good online content
  • define what users want and provide it for them
  • structure and organise content to make it findable and useable
  • write clear, crisp content that keeps users involved
  • use links, summaries and attachments effectively
  • translate print material for the screen
  • match the tone of their content to your brand values
  • use keywords, headings and meta tags for search engine optimisation.

Morning session


  • Understanding online readers
  • Identifying the challenges of online writing
  • Techniques to capture readers’ attention

What is good web writing?

  • Identifying good websites
  • Learning from the world’s best websites
  • Analysing good web writing
  • Taking Google’s advice
  • Agreeing the criteria for good web writing


  • The importance of planning
  • Being clear about why you are writing
  • Thinking about your visitors and what they want to know

Structuring web content

  • Key principles
  • How to structure material for a website or intranet
  • The differences between reading on screen and reading print
  • Using links, summaries and attachments effectively

Writing meaningful headlines

  • What makes a good headline?
  • Headline-writing techniques

Getting the style right

  • The global audience for websites
  • Being clear and concise
  • Rewriting print material for the web
  • Creating a style guide for web content

Afternoon session

Choosing the best words

  • Making words work for you
  • Guidelines for choosing words

Applying a tone of voice

  • What we mean by tone of voice
  • What the tone of your content says about your organisation
  • Matching your tone to your organisation’s brand values

Writing as part of search engine optimisation

  • How search engines work
  • Getting Google to work for you
  • The importance of keywords
  • Using keyword tools
  • Keyword relevance
  • Avoiding black-hat techniques
  • Creating effective crosslinks

Editing your content

  • Ensuring your visitors’ needs have been met
  • Reviewing the structure
  • Checking the content is clear and easy to read
  • Correcting errors in grammar, spelling and consistency

User testing

  • The value of testing your content on a group of intended users
  • How to get the most out of user testing

Further development

  • Reference sources
  • Post-course support

More information

The Writing for the Web course is available as an in-house course, which we would run at your premises. For more information, click here.

“The feedback I have received from the team has been extremely positive. We all felt the delivery, structure and content were just right.”

David Lindsay
Intranet Content Manager
Euroclear Bank

“The course has helped me to write more effectively for my target audience. The exercises and group discussions were particularly useful.”

Website Editor

“The training was great and all the feedback was very positive. When we wrote some sample web pages at the end of the session I was amazed at the improvement. We’d definitely like to run the course again.”

Helen Grindley
Information Manager
Test Valley Borough Council

Running the Writing for the Web course in-house

The Writing for the Web course can be run as in-house training anywhere in the world. If you have a group of staff who need the same skills, this option is cost-effective and convenient.

Tailored to your needs

The length and content of this course can be tailored to match your needs. In addition to covering some or all of the topics given in the example programme, you may want to add topics that are particularly relevant to your organisation.


An in-house course is fully flexible. Tell us what you want to achieve and we will work with you to design a course to match. Tell us when you would like to run it and we will find a date that suits you.

Free support

Every course we run comes with a year of free support for each participant. We recognise that people do not think of every question on the day of the training. Our support service gives them the opportunity to ask their tutor an unlimited number of questions in the year following the course. In this way they continue to build their skills and confidence.

Ask us for a quotation

The cost of an in-house course depends on a number of things, including its length, its location and how much preparation we need to do. We can readily give you a quotation, so please contact us to discuss your needs.


In-house course

This course is only available as in-house training. The length and content of the programme can be tailored to match your needs.