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Email Writing

Email writing course Email is an essential tool for both internal and external communications, but many emails are so poorly written that they fail to get their messages across. This causes misunderstanding, creates a bad impression and wastes time. More and more organisations are recognising the importance of helping staff to write good emails.

This course shows participants how to write clear, effective, professional emails. It is fully flexible in length and content. Some companies use a half-day version - covering the crucial skills - as part of their induction training. Others prefer a full-day workshop that includes using email for specific purposes, such as responding to complaints or promoting products and services.

Tell us what your needs are and we will design a course to meet them. This will including giving each of your delegates a year of ongoing support. During that time they will be able to ask their tutor an unlimited number of questions - by email, naturally.


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Learning objectives

By the end of this course your staff will be able to:

  • write emails that communicate clearly and powerfully
  • use structure to ensure that key messages are not overlooked
  • prepare effective subject lines
  • understand the causes of ambiguity in email and avoid them
  • ensure that the tone of their emails is professional
  • judge the level of detail required by the reader
  • use email for specific purposes, such as complaint handling or sales
  • pass on techniques to colleagues, to increase the quality of email writing across the organisation.

Morning session

Group discussion

  • Does it matter if emails are unclear or poorly written?
  • What are the common mistakes in emails?
  • What can you do to make sure your emails are professional?

The challenge

  • How people read emails - skimmers and scanners
  • Getting your message across - the importance of structure and plain English

Planning what to say

  • Techniques for assembling your points
  • Techniques for writing effective responses - staying brief and focused

Structuring - best practice

  • Using the subject line well
  • Applying the inverted pyramid structure
  • Writing strong openings
  • Writing strong endings
  • Using headings effectively

Favouring Plain English

  • What is plain English?
  • Writing short, straightforward sentences
  • Using simple words where possible

Afternoon session

Favouring positive language

  • ‘Warm’ words and ‘cold’ words
  • Finding the words that will help you achieve your objectives
  • Avoiding cliché, jargon and management-speak

Selecting an appropriate tone

  • Why do emails sometimes sound angry, sarcastic or casual?
  • How can you avoid this?
  • Matching your tone to the reader and the purpose
  • Applying a corporate tone of voice
  • Choosing the right salutation and close - options and guidelines

Keeping it short and sharp

  • Sticking to the point
  • Avoiding unnecessary words and phrases

Keeping it clear

  • The causes of ambiguity and misunderstanding
  • Techniques for ensuring that your emails make sense

Getting the grammar right

  • Why grammar and punctuation matter
  • Avoiding common mistakes

Further development

  • Reference sources
  • Post-course support

More information

The Email Writing course is available as an in-house course, which we would run at your premises. For more information, click here.

“The course has made me think more about what I’m writing and so has helped me to communicate by email more clearly and effectively.”

David Wickens
Royal Caribbean International

“The workshops have been very successful. We’ve had lots of good feedback.”

Jane Trout
Executive Assistant
Buro Happold

“Everyone found the email writing training very beneficial.”

Cheryl Casey
PA to Operations Manager
City Suburban Tree Surgeons

Running the Email Writing course in-house

The Email Writing course can be run as in-house training anywhere in the world. If you have a group of staff who need the same skills, this option is cost-effective and convenient.

Tailored to your needs

The length and content of this course can be tailored to match your needs. In addition to covering some or all of the topics given in the example programme, you may want to add topics that are particularly relevant to your organisation.


An in-house course is fully flexible. Tell us what you want to achieve and we will work with you to design a course to match. Tell us when you would like to run it and we will find a date that suits you.

Free support

Every course we run comes with a year of free support for each participant. We recognise that people do not think of every question on the day of the training. Our support service gives them the opportunity to ask their tutor an unlimited number of questions in the year following the course. In this way they continue to build their skills and confidence.

Ask us for a quotation

The cost of an in-house course depends on a number of things, including its length, its location and how much preparation we need to do. We can readily give you a quotation, so please contact us to discuss your needs.


In-house course

This course is only available as in-house training. The length and content of the programme can be tailored to match your needs.